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7th Annual Conference: ACES 2014

/7th Annual Conference: ACES 2014

7th Annual Conference: ACES 2014

Friday 6th June 2014, Edinburgh Corn Exchange With 11 weeks to go to the 7th Annual Conference and Award for Executive Secretaries and PAs in Scotland: ACES 2014. Alan has been asked to speak along side several other high profile speakers. Allan will speak on ‘Whats your Genius? What are your talents and are you using them authentically?’ He will help you to understand what really drives and motivates you and help you be more authentic to that, to create different and better results in your organisation. Allan is passionate about working with organisations to help them ‘drive their inner profits’. A dynamic and engaging presenter, Allan will energise, challenge and inspire you as he begins to get you to look at your talents and how you use them in your workplace. Confirmed Speakers Nicky Christmas, Founder and Editor of Practically Perfect PA  “How can I ruin your day…? Unlocking your potential ” Lucy Brazier, Executive Secretary Magazine “Social Media – No longer nice to have: An interactive case study” Gilly MacMorran, Priority Management  “Task Management and Planning: Effective planning, organisation and follow up” Allan Miller, Innermetrix Europe “What’s your genius? What are your “talents” are you using them authentically?” Mel Sherwood, Grow your Potential “Discovering your Potential: Progressing your career”

Please Note: every delegate will receive their own personal Value’s profile prior to attending so remember to bring along with you at ACES 2014.

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