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Advanced Insights Profile

Advanced Insights LogoThe Innermetrix ADVanced Insights Profile combines the best of three world-class profiles.

  • The Attribute Index measures how you think and make decisions
  • The Values Index measures your motivational style and drivers
  • The DISC Index measures your preferred behavioural style.

Together they answer the questions WHAT?, WHY? and HOW?:

ADVanced Insights illustration

  • What natural talents do you have?
  • Why are you motivated to use them?
  • How do you prefer to use them?

Self-awareness and personal discovery are the keys to achieving peak performance in any role or endeavour. The combination of these three powerful assessment tools can enable an individual to discover transformational insight into their behaviour, their values and their personal motivators.

More importantly, though, within an organisational and business context the ADVanced Insights Profile provides business leaders and managers with deeper insights into how to fully develop the potential of the staff within their teams and organisations.

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