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Allan Miller in Dubai

Allan Miller comments on his time in Dubai with partners, Excelledia Management Consultants. The conference was well attended with an action packed agenda as you will hear from Allan’s comments

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Learning and Development in Dubai

Another amazing conference in April with our partners, excellendia, The action packed agenda focused on measuring return on investment (ROI) and return on equity (ROE) and Allan Miller was one of the keynote speakers. Allan was able to demonstrate how Innermetrix tools have assisted many businesses worldwide to identify measurable opportunities to develop leadership skills that can improve bottom […]

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NEW Regional IMX Master Distributors (RIMD) of UAE & Qatar

We welcome our new Regional IMX Master Distributor’s (RIMD) to Innermetrix International:

Excelledia is a recognised “Training & Consulting” company which operates in Dubai, Qatar, India and the UK. The senior team from Excelledia includes Mohammed Shabeer, Muhamed Farooque and Harish Nair and together they are in partnership with IMX to increase market share and growth from corporate and independent consultants respectively.

We are […]

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