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Robert S Hartman’s Enduring Legacy

Dr. Robert S. Hartman handed us the ability to significantly improve the way we lead businesses today. Through his development of formal axiology, Hartman created a formula which enables us to mathematically assess how people make value judgments.
So what! you might say. How does that make a blind bit of difference to how we lead our businesses today?
It might at first seem to have little relevance, but stop a moment to think about the power that is available to an organisation or leader that understands what each member of staff values. Each of us as human beings attribute a value to things and these values are differentiators and motivators. Consider the distinctions between values that are driven by a focus on people (intrinsic), or things (extrinsic) or ideas (systematic). Each of these are very different drivers and the most difficult part of the equation is how you determine the values of key members of your team, so that their activities are aligned with these core values to the benefit of the organisation.
The ability to identify these dimensions through an axiological assessment within the Value Profile is Robert S Hartman’s enduring legacy. I have extensively used his profile to advance the interests of many, many clients and I can testify to the effectiveness of the results that have been achieved.
I was also proud to become the European President of the Hartman Institute, when I was asked a few years ago, because of the significant contribution the Value Profile has made to my clients across the world.
You can find out more information at https://hartmaninstitute.eu/
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