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Indigo Group Development Day

The Indigo group had their “Development Day” at the Redhurst hotel Glasgow in May 2015, It was my pleasure to be running this event with the CEO Vera Mathews and the Management team. Indigo is a child care business that is expanding rapidly and offers care from new born to teenage youth, giving an awesome learning environment for these young people as well as helping communities manage their busy careers and jobs, by offering the care and support needed in todays fast pace world. I will also be following up through the next 12 months with the Management team, all the work from the “development day” to underpin all learning to their “teams” to enable them to offer even better care and service, which will go towards the continued success and growth plans for the future. I would like to thank everyone at Indigo for there energy, passion and enthusiasm shown on the day, and wish you every success for the future, keep changing lives and do what you do …..so well!!   Best,  Allan

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