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The Organisational Health Check

Organisational Health Check LogoThe Organisational Health Check investigates fifty five areas necessary for optimum performance of any business. The study also determines the extent of workforce alignment with your company’s objectives and culture.

The results of the Organisational Health Checkup will clearly identify areas to be targeted for improvement and reinforcement. Your business health and workforce alignment scores, with measurable results in eleven different key performance areas, will enable you to develop a long-term plan for business improvement with sustainable growth.

Organisational Health Check IllustrationWhen someone feels unwell they generally visit their GP to find out what’s happening, in the same way when something is not working in a business, it is good to get things checked out.

The Organisational Health Check provides a clinical diagnosis of the overall health of an organisation against performance criteria such as financial, management, and operational effectiveness.

It also examines the fitness of frontline activities such as customer retention, marketing and sales and provides clarity on the areas that can make the most significant contribution to business growth.

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